A Customers Purchasing Experience

Recently a customer told us the story of his new Arbtruck purchase.

The story began when our customer was working with an arborist colleague who had recently purchased a Toyota Hilux Arbtruck Tipper from Overland.

After several days in the woods preparing for timber extraction, he began to appreciate the amount of thought that had been placed in the design and development, also the high-quality of craftsmanship in the build.

Our customer visited our new revamped web site https://overland-es.com where he found a wealth of options and choices available to him.

After contacting sales, the customer was invited to visit our workshops to see an Arbtruck under construction and meet the team.

While at the Overland head office, our customer was taken step by step through the order process, from bespoke personalisation to construction, build and testing.

So pleased with the overall professionalism of the company and staff, not forgetting the Arbtruck product, our customer placed his order there and then.

Overland pride themselves on keeping the customer informed of each step through the build and include pictures to illustrate progress.

Several weeks later and with a broad smile, the customer took ownership of his very bespoke, high quality, Overland Arbtruck Tipper.

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