Schliesing Wood Chippers

Quality, safety and innovation: For more than 30 years, we have been providing high-quality wood chippers for professional use in gardening and landscaping, by cities and communities and for agricultural, forestry and tree-care companies. All our machines are produced in Germany. And we always stay true to the claim: Made by professionals for professionals!

Schliesing Benefits

Schliesing machines are safe, reliable, fast and nigh indestructible.
They possess an ingenious chipping design: Unique PowerGrip feed rollers, a heavy chipping disc, an enclosed cutting system, an optimal geometry of the discharge chute: Nothing wedges or clogs – It simply chips.
Requires little maintenance, little wear and tear: Industrial free wheel clutch, the optionally available intelligent Power Control system etc.
They have been designed for a maximum working output and service life and retain their value.
It is a proven fact that Schliesing wood chippers yield the highest resale proceeds – even after many hours on the clock.


Schliesing Wood chipper
Schliesing 550 ZX WOOD CHIPPER


PTO aka tractor driven wood chipper with freewheel clutch and also available on turntable.
Required power ranges from 18hp – 200hp (13 – 147kw)
Wood diameter capability ranges from 13cm – 30cm
Feed width available from 20cm – 34cm
Machine weight, model dependant 380kg – 1,700kg
Pictured is our top of the range PTO driven wood chipper, for large quantities of wood.


Motorised Wood chipper
Schliesing 175 – 565 MX WOOD CHIPPER


Engine driven, road transportable wood chippers, with 22hp to 117hp:
Fixed on a single-axle chassis with road lights, towing hitch, jockey wheel, inertia brake and rear support leg.
Wood diameter ranges from 16cm – 30cm
Feed width from 24cm – 34cm
Machine weight 750kg – 3,250kg


Schliesing Wood Chipper


Wood chippers on tracks, available with two different engines for impassable terrains (Tree stumps, embankments, etc) with maximum ground clearance.
Broad and sturdy track chassis for slope compensation of up to 30 degrees.
Front mounted chippers for Unimog and the pruning chipper.
Wood diameter capability 13cm to 30cm
Feed width from 20cm to 34cm
Machine weight from 440kg to 1,975kg

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