Power Take Off aka PTO is a tractor driven wood chipper with a freewheel clutch.

Required power 25hp – 50hp (18-36.8kw). 3-point rear-mount PTO wood chipper. Can be quickly mounted, the wood is chipped just as quickly. Power grip feed rollers. Powerful yet lightweight for wood diameters of upto 16cm. PTO shaft with free wheel clutch feed roller, freely adjustable chip sizes. Wood diameter capability 16cm Feed width 24cm Machine weight 550kg
Required power 25hp – 50hp (18-36.8kw). Schliesing best seller for the most common applications: medium-sized wood diameters, deadwood and maintenance pruning waste in larger quantities. Comes with PowerGrip feed rollers, discharge chute on ball bearing flange, nearly all exposed components are galvanised and more. Extremely robust with a feed hopper that’s 50% bigger than the 175 ZX. Wood diameter capability 19cm Feed width 24cm Machine weight 890kg
Required power 50hp – 80hp (37 – 59kw). Middle class wood chipper with chipping unit on turntable (Turning 270°). Mounted on a Fully Galvanised 24mk/h chassis. Time saving work in any position of the chipping unit, with heavy two blade cutting disc, fully galvanised ponton, discharge chute on smooth running ball bearing flange, serial sound insulation of chipping unit and discharge chute also featuring the large feed hopper distinguishing all 400 models. Big feed hopper (W x H: 1.2m x 1.06m) for handling lots of bulky chipping materials. Wood diameter capability 21cm Feed width 27cm Machine weight 1,500kg
Required power is 75 – 200hp (55 – 147kw). The most powerful Schliesing PTO driven disc chipper as a 3-point mount. To be feed manually and/or by crane. Radio remote control option available. PowerGrip feed rollers and auxiliary transmission to increase the feeding force by up to 400%. Reinforced PTO shaft with freewheel clutch. Discharge chute on smooth-running ball bearing flange. Our PTO driven machine for large quantities of wood to be chipped. Supporting a massive wood diameter of 30cm Max Feed width 34cm Machine weight 1,700kg
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